Rep. Mark Sanford loses South Carolina primary after Trump calls him ‘nothing but trouble’

Poll volunteer Tom Spain, left, talks with former Gov, Mark Sanford in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
(Grace Beahm Alford / Associated Press)

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford lost the Republican nomination for his congressional seat to an opponent who attacked his criticism of President Trump.

Voters on Tuesday decided state Rep. Katie Arrington would be the Republican candidate in the coastal 1st Congressional District.

Arrington spent her campaign calling Sanford a “Never Trumper.” And hours before polls closed, Trump posted on Twitter supporting her.


Sanford is a former governor who has never lost an election in eight races in South Carolina, even after he admitted to an affair with a woman in Argentina.

In defense of his stance on Trump, Sanford has said he criticizes anyone regardless of party if they deserve it.