Edward Snowden
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Famous document-leakers in recent history

Edward Snowden

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is one in a long line of high-profile people who have leaked sensitive documents.

 (Glenn Greenwald / Laura Poitras / EPA)
Bradley Manning
U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning gave a trove of classified military and diplomatic material to WikiLeaks. After a court-martial, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, after facing the possibility of up to 90 years behind bars. He will be eligible for parole in less than seven years. After his sentencing, Manning said plans to live as a woman named Chelsea and wanted to begin hormone therapy.  (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)
W. Mark Felt
W. Mark Felt, an associate director at the FBI, was Deep Throat, the source who gave information about Watergate to the Washington Post in the 1970s. He unmasked himself in 2005.  (Associated Press)
Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechai Vanunu was an Israeli nuclear technician in 1986 when he revealed Israel’s nuclear weapons program. He served 18 years in prison.  (Associated Press)
Frederic Whitehurst
Beginning in 1992, then-FBI agent Frederic Whitehurst began exposing shoddy work and inaccurate testimony from the bureau’s crime lab.  (Dennis Cook / Associated Press)
Jeffrey Wigand
Then-Brown & Williamson tobacco executive Jeffrey Wigand cooperated with CBS’ “60 Minutes” and the Food and Drug Administration in the 1990s in exposing cigarette manufacturers’ practices.  (Lawrence Jackson / Associated Press)