Sarah Palin emails: Palin, aides ‘dismayed’ by media requests

As the spotlight burned bright on Sarah Palin in fall 2008, her administration was swamped with media requests – many of which disgusted both Palin and her aides.

On Sept. 15, 2008, Palin’s communications director, Bill McAllister, updated her on some of the inquiries, which included her use of personal email accounts, how the government was running in her absence, the tanning bed in the governor’s mansion and the subpoenas issued as part of the Troopergate investigation.

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Other questions he said he received from the media:


"--Is it your belief that dinosaurs and humans co-existed at one time? I said I have never spoken to you about this. (There is an interesting reference to “Behemoth” in the Old Testament.)
--What was your attitude toward the “rape kits” under Chief Fannon? (A former acquaintance of mine from Raines, by the way.)
--How is decision-making shared between you and Craig Campbell?
--Do you have a favorite poem?”

McAllister concluded: “I continue to be dismayed at the media.”

Palin was irked.

“Arghhhh!” she wrote back. “I am so sorry that the office is swamped like this! Dinosaurs even?! I’ll try to run through some of these in my head before responding. And the old, used tanning bed that my girls have used a handful of times in Juneau? Yes, we paid for it ourselves. I, too, will continue to be dismayed at the media and am thankful you and Sharon are not part of the stange [sic] goings-on in the media world of today.”


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