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Leaving Lebanon

American citizens in Beirut line to up to get fitted with protective gear before they board a U.S. Marine helicopter to take them to Cyprus. (Kevork Djansezian / AP)
U.S. citizens are taken to the heliport on the grounds of the U.S. embassy at the edge of the capital Beirut to be airlifted to Cyprus. (Ben Curtis / AP)
A woman comforts a young girl while Marines prepare her to be airlifted by helicopter. (Ben Curtis / AP)
U.S. nationals on a bus wave to a family member before leaving for the Beirut port for evacuation. (Nabil Mounzer / EPA)
An American man and child prepare to board a waiting helicopter to be evacuated from Beirut. (Ben Curtis / AP)
U.S. nationals wait for evacuation at the port in Beirut. Thousands of foreigners waited to board ships to escape the Israeli offensive in Lebanon. (Ali Haider / EPA)
Lebanese and Greek citizens board a Greek warship while evacuating Lebanon. (Burak Kara Vatan Daily/Getty Images)
Scandinavians wait to board the Hual Transporter, a Swedish chartered ship, docked at Beirut. (Hussein Malla / AP)
Lebanese citizens gather at the al-Masna’a border before leaving Lebanon for Syria. (Mohamed Messara / EPA)
British nationals board the British destroyer HMS Gloucester for evacuation to Cyprus. (Hussein Malla / AP)
Marines unload supplies from a military helicopter before evacuating American citizens from the grounds of the U.S. embassy in Beirut. (Kevork Djansezian / AP)