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Tsunami Devastation in Southern Asia

Vehicles, boats and other debris on Madras’ Marina Beach after it was hit by tidal waves. There was deaths and damage along the entire coast of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. (M. Lakshman / AP)
The scene at the Marina beach in Madras after tidal waves hit the region. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Indian fire officials prepare emergency equipment at their headquarters in Ahmedabad for use in disaster relief in the eastern state of Tamil Nadu. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
A man passes bodies at a morturary in Madras after tidal waves hit coastal India. (Prakash Sing AFP/Getty Images)
Fishing boats and a car among the debris along the coast of Langkawi island, northwest Malaysia, after a tidal wave was triggered by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra. (AFP/Getty Images)
A woman cries after tidal waves destroyed her house on the coastal areas in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Eranga Jayawardena / AP)
Foreign tourists view damaged bus overturned by waves on Phuket island of Thailand. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Tsunami damage near tourist area of Phuket island, southern Thailand. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Thai rescuers carry the body of victim after many were drowned or injured along Patong beach in Phuket, southern Thailand. (Karim Khamzin / AP)
A western tourist looks at a wrecked jeep by the sea at Pathong beach in Thailand’s southern Phuket island. (Saeed Khan AFP/Getty Images)
Western tourists flee Phuket beach after rumours spread of secondary tsunamis in southern Thailand. (Saeed Khan AFP/Getty Images)
Thai residents, fearing more waves, sleep on the grass outside the Phuket City Hall. (Paula Bronstein / Getty Images)
Workers search for belongings in the ruins the morning after a tidal wave hit along Pathong beach on southern Thailand’s Phuket island. (Saheed Khan AFP/Getty Images)
A family of injured foreign tourists boards a pick-up truck after being evacuated from an island resort off Krabi, southern Thailand, a day after a tidal wave devastated the coastline. (Roslan Rahman AFP/Getty Images)
A foreign boy is carried by a Thai rescue worker after being evacuated from a nearby island resort off Krabi, southern Thailand. (Roslan Rahman AFP/Getty Images)