Roaring By
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Machu Picchu

ROARING BY: Structures sit precariously near the Urubamba River near Machu Picchu. The river and its tributaries occasionally carry off the dwellings of trinket hawkers at the tourist destination. (Liliana Nieto del Rio / For the Times)
Foreign tourists are served coffee and soft drinks on express PeruRail train from city of Cuzco to the ruins of Machupicchu. Train is the only access to the iconic ruin. (Liliana Nieto del Rio / For the Times)
Tourists clamber up the ancient Inca path for panoramic views of the Incan ruins. (Liliana Nieto del Rio / For the Times)
Tour guide Darwin Camacho leads a group of tourists through the Inca site of Machupicchu. The sundial was damaged during filming of a beer commercial. Camacho says more must be done to protect the much-visited site. (Liliana Nieto del Rio / For the Times)
Japanese are among the most frequent visitors to the ancient Inca site high in the Peruvian Andes. (Liliana Nieto del Rio / For the Times)