2008 Acura TSX
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2009 Acura TSX

The Acura TSX is a lux’ed-up, Euro-spec Honda Accord, re-badged as an Acura and aimed at America’s young and upwardly mobile petit-bourgeoisie, assuming we have any left. -- Dan Neil (Richard Hartog/ Los Angeles Times)
Does the Acura TSX drive well? Absolutely. If you are benchmarking front-wheel-drive, 3,419-pound sedans with 201-hp four-cylinder engines, it drives beautifully. (Richard Hartog/ Los Angeles Times)
Push the Acura TSX a little harder into turns and, yes, you’ll wish you had more steering feel -- or some -- and you’ll eventually invoke the disapproval of the stability control system. But the TSX has its shoes laced up tight. Lots of traction, plenty of agility and a willingness to do as it’s told that borders on slavishness. -- Dan Neil (Richard Hartog/ Los Angeles Times)
Acura has always employed the irresistible logic of more is better. The TSX (starting at $28,960) comes standard with a big, beautiful navigation system, heated leather seats, a moonroof and plenty of other upmarket swirlies. -- Dan Neil (Richard Hartog/ Los Angeles Times)
This an excellent car and well worth the money. But when it comes to charisma, compared to the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C300, the Audi A4, the BMW 328i, the Acura TSX surrenders like Lee at Appomattox. -- Dan Neil (Richard Hartog/ Los Angeles Times)