2009 Nissan Murano
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2009 Nissan Murano

To signal, I suppose, the model-year face-lift, Nissan designers gave the 2009 Murano a tensed chrome brow, a fierce furrowing that is, actually, quite a bit more aggressive than anything else in the Nissan garage. -- Dan Neil (Nissan)
After a model-year hiatus (no 2008 model), the Murano comes back with a little more mustard on the ball, styling wise, but generally modest changes. The profile is about the same. -- Dan Neil (Nissan)
The payoff for all this hot, gear-on-gear action is fuel economy: The Murano gets 18 miles per gallon city, 23 mpg highway. That’s the same as the former, less-powerful Murano -- under the less demanding EPA test standards, as well -- and it’s the same rating in both the front-wheel and well-wheel drive versions. -- Dan Neil (Nissan)
Nissan has gone to some trouble to refine and update the interior, drawing heavily from the Infiniti larder. The center-stack controls are direct lifts from the company’s premium brand. There are grace notes here and there. The steering wheel is tilt and telescopic. The LCD display is handsome and intuitive. -- Dan Neil (Nissan)
Here’s what I like: I like the reclining rear seats, which make a fairly cramped compartment downright luxe. I like the rear seat lever releases along the rear bulkheads, which allow you to drop the seats easily while loading. I also like the power rear-seat return that raises the seats again, either from buttons in the rear or in the cockpit. These are all features that, while not unique in the market, more than earn their suburban keep. -- Dan Neil (Nissan)