Motor sport
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Off-road warriors

Motor sport
MOTOR SPORT: Members of the West Coast Four Wheel Drive Club traversed Surprise Canyon until 2001, when it was closed. Until then, drivers moved boulders and pruned trees to open a rough roadway. (Steve Friend / For The Times)
Rough climb
ROUGH CLIMB: Richard Gauthier, a member of the Gettin’ Off 4x4 Club, winches his Jeep up a waterfall in Surprise Canyon shortly before it was closed pending a joint environmental review by federal agencies. (Andrew Simpkins)
Nature’s hand
NATURE’S HAND: Water flows out of Surprise Canyon and Death Valley National Park. Growth returned to the area after it was closed to off-road enthusiasts five years ago. (Daniel Patterson)
RESTORATION: Waterfalls and willows are again the habitat for bighorn sheep. (Daniel Patterson)