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Life has become more stressful for pretty much everyone these days. Every week, our Group Therapy newsletter will answer questions sent in by readers about what’s been weighing on your hearts and minds.

You might be wondering how long is considered “normal” to stay with a therapist, or how to find a good one. Or how you can prioritize your mental health when those around you — like your boss, or your partner, or the culture at large — aren’t prioritizing it themselves. Or how to readjust to social situations after only hanging out with your dog for the past two years. (And of course, some of you might just be “asking for a friend.” 😉)

This newsletter is for anyone who’s ever stayed up late scouring Google for advice on how to feel better. We’ll gather diverse opinions with plenty of context, and we’ll also create opportunities for you to connect and be in dialogue with one another about what we’re learning.

This is a corner of the web where we hope you can take a deep breath, learn something new about yourself, and be reminded that you’re never alone. Whatever it is you’re going through, we promise — you’re in good company. You can reach us at or submit your questions here.

Your host

I’m Laura Newberry. Why trust me? I’m training to become a licensed clinical social worker, and I have questions of my own. And as a reporter, I’ve always been curious about why people feel and behave in the ways they do, and how people’s actions affect the well-being of themselves and their communities. This newsletter is a natural — and I hope useful! — extension of that lifelong career-long investigation.

Growing awareness of mental health issues means more options than ever before: mindfulness tools, brand-new research, even therapy TikTok (there are some good ones out there, I swear). I’m excited to share my favorite resources with you.

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