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Earthquakes are a part of life in California, and we’re overdue for a major one. Your preparation now will help you be resilient — whatever happens once the shaking is over.

Maybe you’re a California native and think you know all there is to know about earthquakes. Maybe you just moved here and haven’t yet felt the earth move under your feet — or maybe you have, but every time you’ve felt it, you’ve known that you could be a little better prepared.

Our Unshaken newsletter is for all Californians. With this six-week course, we’ll deliver six weekly lessons to your inbox, paced for you to tackle them week by week.

An illustration of a family of four, plus a cat, flanked by swaying palm trees and green hills, with the words "Unshaken"
(Daniel Sulzberg / For the Times)

We’ll help you put an earthquake kit together, for your home and for on the go. We’ll help you assess your home for dangers and equip you to correct them. We’ll help you assess earthquake insurance and ready your finances. And we’ll help you create a family plan for your household so you can communicate and stay safe — together.

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