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The secrets of smooth hair

Step 1
1. Start drying hair without the brush: Using your hands, lift sections of the hair and dry, concentrating on the roots. (Lococo recommends medium heat.) Continue until hair is about 90% dry. Set dryer down, and comb the hair straight.

2. Section the hair by making a series of parts:

* Beginning above one ear, part in a hair-band-shaped arch over your head to the other ear.

* Starting at the top middle of this arch, part down the center, aiming toward your forehead.

* Twist each front section into a rope; wind the rope into a coil and secure with a hair clip.

* Part the back half of your hair horizontally into four sections, working from top to bottom. Each horizontal, ear-to-ear part is about the width of three fingers. Twist all but the bottom section into a rope, coil and clip to your head. ()
Step 2
3. Finish drying your hair, beginning with the bottom section.

* Pull the section taut at a 45-degree angle -- not perpendicular to the head -- and roll it around the brush. Aim the dryer downward at the section, keeping it about 3 inches away. (Aiming the dryer downward will give you a smoother surface.)

* Keeping the hair taut, gradually unroll the hair as you move the dryer down the length of the hair.

* Continue to uncoil and dry sections, working from bottom to top. Do the front portions last. To keep sections thin enough to dry quickly on the brush, you may need to separate them into smaller portions. Just separate the section and twist and clip it out of the way. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)
Step 3
4. Check your work in a hand mirror. Tame any wayward tresses with another hit from the dryer, letting the hair cool momentarily on the brush. Tame flyaway hairs with a light veil of hair spray. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)
Step 4
Voila! (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)