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Liberace in Las Vegas: King of Bling

Lynn Musselman, a tour guide at the Liberace Museum off the Strip, points out details in LIberace’s rhinestone-studded Rolls-Royce. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
Liberace, shown in 1985, branded himself Mr. Showmanship. Before his death in 1987, he set up a charity to award millions of dollars in college arts scholarships. (Associated Press)
A man passes behind a piano at the Liberace Museum, which has seen a declining number of visitors in recent years. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
With the new Liberace Kicks, “Liberace’s street credibility is absolutely bumped up,” says a news release for the sneakers. (Isaac Brekken For The Times)
Lynn Musselman leads a tour of the Vegas museum dedicated to Liberace, who sold out concert halls and has won two Emmys for his music. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
Liberace is known for his appetite for finer things, including 30 to 50 cars, half a dozen homes, 400 costumes and at least 26 dogs. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)
Tourists visit the costume room that includes in its displays Liberace’s mink cape with 40,000 crystals and his 200-pound “King of Neptune” outfit. (Isaac Brekken / For The Times)