The Lester farm
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The Lester farm
Walter Cottle Lester died Jan. 31 in the farmhouse where he, his mother and sister and several aunts and uncles were born. (Nhat Meyer, San Jose Mercury News)
Hiroo Onoda
On March 11, 1974, former Japanese imperial army soldier Hiroo Onoda, right, offered his military sword to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, left, in surrender at the Malacanan Palace in Manila.  (Jiji Press / AFP/Getty Images)
Robert Sallee
Former smokejumper Robert Sallee, the last survivor of the deadly 1949 Mann Gulch fire in Montana, died Monday at 82. (U.S. Forest Service)
Mary Soames, left, the youngest daughter of Clementine and Winston Churchill, all seen here in 1963, has died at 91. (Leonard Brown / Associated Press)
Archie Thompson
Archie Thompson, pictured in January 2013, was the last of about 20 Yurok elders who helped revitalize the Yurok language over the last few decades, after academics in the 1990s predicted it would be extinct by 2010. Thompson died March 26 at age 93. (Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times)
Theodore ‘Dutch’ Van Kirk, navigator on Enola Gay, dies at 93
In an undated photograph, Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, second from left in top row, stands with the flight crew who dropped a bomb code-named Little Boy on Hiroshima. Years later, Van Kirk told an interviewer, “Do I regret what we did that day? No sir, I do not.” (Associated Press)