Letters: A distaste for noisy restaurants

Re “I’ll have the earplugs, please,” June 8

I’m glad some restaurants are realizing that dining out should not preclude enjoying conversation.

Recently, at a fine steakhouse in Newport Beach, the noise level was so great that I could not hear a person two feet from me. Neither my friends nor I will go back.

While my hearing is somewhat compromised, my desire to enjoy a dinner out with friends is not. I choose restaurants based not only on food quality and ambience, but also the decibel level. If a restaurant cannot provide me an enjoyable experience, I would rather stay home.


Cecile Forman


I was wondering whether the restaurant operators actually thought we liked the noise. The article cleared that up for me. It seems they do it so we won’t stay so long and the tables turn faster.

I stopped going to restaurants a while ago because it just wasn’t a pleasant experience any more. The noise, the over-crowding and the indifferent service that seem to be the norm these days tell me they have too much business to be bothered treating customers well.


M.J. Knudsen

Trabuco Canyon


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