Readers React: The false piety of Georgia’s antiabortion politicians

Supporters of abortion rights rally outside the Georgia capitol on May 7 after the state’s governor signed legislation banning early abortions.
(Alyssa Pointer / Associated Press)

To the editor: Georgia’s draconian fetal-heartbeat abortion law had me reaching for a reread of “Letter to a Christian Nation,” Sam Harris’ slim, elegant volume dissecting religion’s pernicious effect on morality.

The author needs no more than 88 pages to argue the damage done by pious people who believe their concerns are moral when they are highly immoral. This is evinced most clearly in Christians who “expend more ‘moral’ energy opposing abortion than fighting genocide.” Harris convincingly posits that the link between religion and morality is always belied by science, moral reasoning and intuitive compassion.

The current raft of misogynistic, hyperbolic abortion legislation cloaked in religiosity is discouraging at this ostensibly enlightened moment in time.

Mary MacGregor, La Quinta


To the editor: There are many people in the abortion rights crowd who would agree that life begins at conception and that a fetus is a person. Yet their main argument is that a fetus should only be allowed to exist in the womb of a pregnant woman if she decides it should continue to live.

I respectfully disagree with people who feel this way. Human history has proved that the right to life trumps any other “rights.”

The pro-life movement is correct in treating abortion as a social justice issue.

Raul Ramirez Javier, Azusa


To the editor: Women with economic resources always had access to abortions. The current flurry of new limits on the procedure will have no effect on them.

The draconian abortion restrictions are focused on poor women in red states such as Alabama, Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina. By outlawing abortion, they are making being poor and a woman in America a criminal offense.

Donna Handy, Santa Barbara

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