Opinion: The fight over female soldiers


To the editor: The article on the relationship of women in our armed forces and the training required presented a grim view. (Re “Women recruits risk more,” Opinion, July 25)

During WWII, the Soviet army was a mixture of men and women as they battled the Nazis. The Israeli army is a mixture of men and women in all branches and ranks. They have been successful in quashing attacks against their nation.

Various youth sports are a combination of our two sexes. Young girls are treated as equals and are expected to contribute just like boys.


When charging the enemy, does it really matter what sex is firing the weapons? When it all boils down, women are just as efficient in killing the enemy as men are.

Bill Bermúdez, Whittier


To the editor: The author do an admirable job of detailing the challenges for the female close combat soldier. What they fail to address is the cumulative hazard female soldiers present to their combat units.

Brave female soldiers have proven their mettle as helicopter and fighter pilots. The capacity of high technology to overcome mere physical differences between male and female military is undeniable.

A principled woman would decline infantry, armored or artillery duty in favor of technology-heavy service that is every bit as important (and dangerous) to supporting close combat troops.

David Pohlod, Oak Park

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