Op-Comic: The gluttons

We pandemicked. They got richer.

Steve Brodner graphic op ed on the richest of the rich getting even richer during the pandemic.
(Steve Brodner)

Oxfam International calculates that the incomes of 99% of humanity fell during the first two years of the pandemic. But the net worth of these men, the richest in the world, rose.

Their fortunes as of this week, according to Forbes’ “Real-Time Billionaires List”: Elon Musk, $222.4 billion; Bernard Arnault (and family), $181.2; Jeff Bezos, $179.7 billion; Bill Gates, $129.9 billion; Warren Buffett, $115.4 billion; Larry Page, $114.2 billion; Sergey Brin, $110.1 billion; Larry Ellison, $104.2 billion; Steve Ballmer, $95.1 billion.

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