The Times podcast: Tijuana beyond the bad headlines

A man cuts potatoes at Casa del Migrante, a Tijuana shelter.
Benito Rodriguez, 42, a Mexican who lived in San Diego for 28 years and was deported 18 months ago, cuts potatoes as he and other volunteers at Casa del Migrante, a Tijuana shelter for migrants, asylum seekers and deportees, prepare food for dinner in 2019.
(Hayne Palmour IV / San Diego Union-Tribune)
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When reporter Sandra Dibble started covering Tijuana in the 1990s, many of her stories dealt with violence and corruption in the city. But like most Tijuanenses, Dibble actually felt pretty. She didn’t let the terrifying headlines she was writing stop her from settling into her new life and exploring her adopted home of Tijuana.

Today, in the second episode of “Border City,” Dibble talks about that era and what she learned.


Host: Sandra Dibble

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