Baseball-tossing robot ready to take over presidential duty

President Obama wants to “win the future,” but it appears that future has already arrived. A robot threw out the first pitch at the Brewers-Phillies game in Philadelphia Wednesday.

The PhillieBot was created by two University of Pennsylvania students and unlike a pitching machine, can manipulate the pitch’s angle and velocity.

Obama skipped throwing out the traditional first pitch at this year’s opener for the Washington Nationals--he was already taking heat for filling out his NCAA brackets as the crisis in Libya deepened--but some White House edition of PhillieBot might be able to do the honors going forward instead. (And heck, maybe negotiate with John Boehner, too.)*

According to breathless Twitter reports, the pitch traveled 40 mph--the speed of an average Jamie Moyer fastball--and bounced before reaching home plate. And Philadelphia being Philadelphia, the fans booed lustily


No word yet on whether the GOP will recruit PhillieBot to run against Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey (D-Human) in 2012.

And yes, this post was really just an excuse to talk about a baseball-throwing robot, something that’s sounds pretty cool until you realize that it’s just a matter of time before it and the other robots enslave us. We’ve warned you about this before.

(*Politics Now has already trademarked the ObamaBot 5000)

Phillies Fans Boo Baseball Tossing Robot: