Mitt Romney: Obama ‘sounds like Marie Antoinette’


Speaking to supporters at a chilly outdoor rally, Mitt Romney on Friday sought to cast President Obama as out of touch with the economic pain being felt by average Americans.

“He’s in Hawaii right now. We’re in the cold, in the rain, in the wind because we care about America,” Romney said, speaking in the parking lot of a grocery store. “He just finished his 90th round of golf. We have 25 million Americans who are out of work, stopped looking for work or are underemployed. Home values have come down. The median income in America in the last four years has dropped by 10%.”

He dismissed the Obama administration’s contention that they stopped the recession from getting worse.


“The other day President Obama said, you know, it could be worse,” Romney said. “Sounds like Marie Antoinette, ‘Let them eat cake.’ ”

Romney was accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just days before Iowa holds the first presidential voting contest in the nation. Christie is a brash and popular figure among GOP voters, many of whom hoped he would enter the presidential race. He urged them to caucus for Romney on Tuesday.

“I’m in a good mood this morning, I’m feeling happy and upbeat,” he said, before warning: “If you people disappoint me on Tuesday, you don’t do what you’re supposed to do on Tuesday for Mitt Romney, I will be back Jersey-style, people, I will be back.”