Sarah Palin emails: Governor stood with Ted Stevens

Sarah Palin’s relationship with the Alaska Republican establishment is famously rocky, but in July 2008, she was keen on appearing with U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens.

When Meghan Stapleton, a top Palin advisor, asked Palin whether she’d be interested in appearing at a news conference with Stevens to talk about energy, Palin leaped at the chance. But it was also clear that Stevens benefitted from the presence of the governor.

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“Thanks Meg!” wrote Palin. “I’ll do whatever TS [Ted Stevens] will let me do to prove our committment to working together to [find] energy solutions. I have felt he and I have a fine relationship, but staffers in his office may make attempts to pull us apart. This would be an ideal time to work together on this all-important issue. If he’d like me at his press conf be honored to join . . . . whatever he deems appropriate, I’m game.”


Stapleton replied: “They believe that just the two standing together will be news enough and should attract many in the press . . . As Aaron said, the Senator could talk about “wallpaper” and the media would show because the Governor is there with him.”

Later that year, Stevens became embroiled in a federal corruption case. He was found guilty, but his conviction was overturned. He died in a plane crash last year.

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