Sarah Palin emails: Aides giddy at prospect of VP pick

As Sarah Palin pushed for a one-year repeal of the state’s fuel tax in June of 2008, her jubilant aides crowed that the move would boost her standing as a possible vice presidential pick for Sen. John McCain.

“I’ll send to McCain’s camp after the presser or bill comes out,” staffer Ivy Frye wrote to Palin on June 19, 2008. “They’re going to love it! …More vp talk is never a bad thing, whether you’re considering vp or not. I still say President Palin sounds better tho...”

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“Hee hee...” Palin responded.


“This is awesome, governor!” Frye wrote back. “Shows how truely conservative you are (we already knew of course). I hope lawmakers follow your lead here.”


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