Obama grants pardon to fifth-grader for skipping class [Video]

Of all of the legitimate excuses for not attending class, seeing the president speak is high on the list. But getting an excuse note from the president himself is in a league of its own.

Tyler Sullivan, an 11-year-old Minnesotan fifth-grader, skipped school for the first time Friday to see President Obama speak in Golden Valley, Minn. When approached by Obama after his speech, Tyler confessed to the president that he was missing class.

“I had a chance to shake his hand. The president said, ‘You must be missing school,’” Tyler said in an interview with local station KARE.

After Sullivan’s admission, Obama pulled out official White House stationery, complete with the presidential seal.

“Mr. Ackerman — Please excuse Tyler ... he was with me!” Obama wrote to Tyler’s teacher.

Tyler’s father, Ryan, is one of the 65 veterans working for the Honeywell facility in Golden Valley, where Obama spoke to address veteran unemployment. Honeywell is one of the partners in the Joining Forces initiative, which is intended to raise awareness for the needs of military families and aide in the employment of veterans after their military service.

“Honeywell is doing this not just because it feels good,” Obama said during his remarks, highlighting the extensive skill sets held by veterans returning home. “They’re doing it because it’s good for business, because veterans make outstanding workers.”

Obama also announced a Department of Defense task force, which will be directed toward finding opportunities for service members to skip through lengthy and often expensive processes for civilian certifications for skills they gained during their time in the military.