Obama declares himself a ‘master tweeter’ [Video]

President Obama, most famous for his soaring speeches, apparently has a knack for the pithy tweet, too.

“I’m the master tweeter!” he declares in newly released video of a Twitter Q-and-A session that he participated in Thursday (watch below).

The president interacted with users of the micro-blogging site to talk about his “Congressional To-Do List,” policy proposals he’s been prodding the Republican-led House to take up in recent weeks.

The latest agenda item was clean energy manufacturing. In Newton, Iowa, he called on lawmakers to extend tax credits he said would save jobs in the field.


In the Twitter chat, the questions Obama answered ran the gamut from curbing dependency on foreign oil to keeping small businesses afloat. It was all innocuous stuff, and certainly not some of the more loaded political questions that conservatives flooded Twitter with.

As the chat went on, the White House provided photo evidence that it was, indeed, Obama answering each question. Each response concluded with the signature “-bo.”

On Friday, the administration also released some behind-the-scenes footage. It shows an aide, deputy director for online outreach Kori Schulman, complimenting the president for what she calls a “twoosh,” or a perfect, 140-character tweet (a Twitter swoosh).

“Are you proud of me?” he asks.

“It was a record for twooshes,” Schulman says.

“I’m the twoosh master,” Obama says.

The White House said Obama was “the first president to actually work within the confines of 140 characters or less.”