Google Map: Foulest beaches in SoCal

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1) Avalon Harbor Beach (Los Angeles)
After being in the list for top ten foulest beaches for five years, Avalon Beach took the top spot as foulest beach in California.

2) Santa Monica Municipal Pier (Los Angeles)
Although Santa Monica has a plan to improve the storm drain infrastructure, diversions and runoff treatment facility near the pier, the project isn't scheduled for completion until 2010 at the earliest, according to Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card.

3) Poche Beach (Orange County)
A small dry weather filtration/UV disinfection plant is being constructed at the outlet of Poche Creek in hopes to combat Poche Beach's poor water quality.

4) North Beach Doheny (Orange County)
Poor quality water of Doheny Beach stretches from North Beach to south of San Juan Creek.

5) Marie Canyon Drain (Los Angeles)
Despite early technical problems, Marie Canyon has put a new treatment facility in place, which had not been operational until late last year.

6) Cabrillo Beach (Los Angeles)
Cabrillo Beach harborside at the lifeguard tower has earned "F" grades from the Beach Report Card for over the last five years.

7) Long Beach - multiple locations (Los Angeles)
Long Beach improved slightly after numerous sewage spills and water quality issues last year, but poor water quality at multiple locations still qualified it as one of the foulest beaches again this year.

Other California beaches that made the top ten list:

8) Campbell Cove State Park Beach (Sonoma)

9) Clam Beach County Park near Strawberry Creek (Humboldt)

10) Pismo Beach Pier (San Luis Obispo)