Supermoon 2013: Biggest full moon of the year shines this weekend

Look for the supermoon this weekend -- the biggest full moon of the year.
(Sean Smith / NASA)

It’s supermoon time. Look to the sky this weekend to see the biggest, fullest and brightest moon of 2013.

The supermoon is the largest full moon of the year. On Sunday at 4:32 a.m. PDT the moon will be at its most full, just 22 minutes after it passes the closest point to the Earth in its eliptical orbit around our planet.

The average distance of the moon from the Earth is 238,000 miles. On Sunday morning, it will be just 221,824 miles away -- or 16,176 miles closer than usual.

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You don’t have to plan anything fancy to see the largest full moon of the year. Stepping outside and looking up at the sky will do just fine.

And don’t worry about setting your alarm clock to see the moon at the moments it is closest to us and at its fullest. It should still appear pretty full and bright Saturday night and even through Sunday night as well.

The supermoon may have a tiny effect on the Earth’s tides, but even if you live near the beach you probably won’t notice it. NASA officials say that tides may be an inch higher than usual.

It is also unlikely that you will discern any major difference in the size of the moon this weekend -- though you may notice it is shining extra brightly.