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Dental implants can seem like a huge commitment, but the benefits outweigh the anxieties Since society has been laser-focused on health this year, everyone is looking for ways to look and feel better as we navigate uncertainty and new standards. While masking, more careful cleaning and distancing are the buzzed-about concepts of now, this can create neglect around other parts of a total health picture.

For example: A smile. While faces have been hidden for months, a healthy mouth is a large part of a body’s wellness. Without strong, healthy teeth and gums, people can’t eat the best things for their body. Their appearance and self-worth might tumble. And complications from tooth decay or gum disease can create worse health outcomes. Luckily, the technology surrounding dental implants has grown exponentially in recent years. Doubly lucky, 4M Dental, an implant specialist, has three locations in Southern California (Long Beach, Newport Beach and Anaheim Hills) to help patients get their smile back to normal. The procedure can also be completed, amazingly enough, in a day.

4M Dental’s implant procedure, which uses the latest in dental technology, can have your smile looking even brighter than it did originally. From replacing damaged teeth individually to a full reconstruction, having dental implants offers many advantages, including improved appearance, improved speech, improved comfort, and the ability to eat things that may have been given up years ago. Unlike dentures, implants are as easy to take care of as your real teeth - simply brush and floss as you normally would.

The intangible benefits to dental implants are limitless – looking and feeling younger can improve self-esteem at a time when positive news can be hard to come by. Flashing a bright smile at the park, or an outdoor concert or even on a video call can feel like a ray of sunshine for anyone around you, while you feel as radiant too.

Anxiety is common in dental implantology, which is something that 4M understands well. When visiting a dentist, especially a new dentist, patients should expect to have their questions answered and their concerns assuaged. 4M understands that some fear is normal, and so they are careful to walk patients through procedures carefully so everyone knows what to expect. The company also offers sedation, the option to do the procedure over a scope of time, and even hypnosis to aid people in overcoming their fears. Of course, the mouth full of healthy teeth is the ultimate motivator.

4M Dental offers a unique system of implants developed by Dr. Sean Mohtashami. The All-on-X® procedure uses the latest in materials and procedures to create a healthy, permanent solution to missing or diseased teeth, allowing for improved quality of life. 4M offers a no-obligation consult to patients curious about the procedure and offers financing options to create a flexible, hassle-free payment structure.

If you’ve ever been interested in improving your smile, now is the time to do so – learn more today at or by calling 844-306-0300.