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Still with us: Celebrities 85 and older

Now 12, then 90-year-old comedian Irwin Corey pose at the Barrymore Theater in New York. Corey, often known as “The World’s Foremost Authority” and is often touted as one of the founders of improvisational comedy. Birthday: July 29, 1914  ()
Maureen O’Hara is best known for her roles in “Miracle on 34th Street,” “The Quiet Man,” and “The Parent Trap.” Birthday: Aug. 17, 1920  ()
John Glenn was a U.S. senator and the first American to orbit Earth. Birth date: July 18, 1921  ()
Monty Hall is best known as the game show host of “Let’s Make a Deal.” Birthday: Aug. 25, 1921  ()
Fyvush Finkel (left, middle) is an actor best known for his Emmy-winning role on “Picket Fences” and on “Boston Public.” Birthday: Oct. 9, 1922 ()
George Kennedy is best known for his roles in “Naked Gun,” “Airport,” and “Cool Hand Luke.” Birthday: February 18, 1925 ()
Don Rickles is a famous insult comic who was a frequent guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” He’s also the voice of Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story films. Birthday: May 8, 1926  ()
The actor is best known for his TV roles on “Mission: Impossible” and “Space: 1999" as well as his Oscar-winning role in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood.” Birthday: June 20, 1928 ()