Mailbag: Column on the Campbells and Alzheimer’s was enlightening

We enjoyed the David Hansen column on Alzheimer’s in “Weekend.”

Writers like Hansen are helping to reduce the ignorance this still exists about the disease. Like Kim Campbell, the millions of us who have cared for loved ones as they slowly leave us appreciate those who do more than just sympathize. We need their understanding.

We are at an age when we still recall the cruel jokes made in reference to the symptoms presented by those suffering the mental and physical effects of this disease. Those days may not be completely in the past, as we have recently discovered.

You may have heard about a Hollywood comic who was prepared to produced a movie, apparently a spoof of a former president’s bout with Alzheimer’s. Whatever his motivation, ignorance or political, wiser minds may have dissuaded him. We hope.


Thanks for doing your part to enlighten the uniformed.

John and Rene Thrune