Doc Rivers wants Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan voted in as All-Stars

The NBA All-Star starters were announced last week and only one Clippers player was voted in by the fans -- Blake Griffin. That means Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan were both passed over for that honor.

Not to worry, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said he’s been making some phone calls to try to get the coaches to vote those guys in as reserves.

When asked how those conversations go, Rivers smiled.

“Well, there’s some begging,” he said. “I offer them food, drinks and all of that kind of stuff.”


Paul is nearly averaging a double-double with 17.5 points on 46.7% shooting from the field and 9.8 assists a game. Jordan is leading the league in rebounding with 13.4 a game, is second in the league in blocked shots with 2.4 a game and is averaging 10.3 points on 73.4% shooting.

Rivers said it’s pretty obvious that both players deserve to be All-Stars.

“With CP, just look at his body of work and same thing with DJ,” Rivers said.

The coach, however, acknowledged that Jordan is easier to overlook because much of his impact is on the defensive end and in the categories that are hard to quantify. Jordan has never been an All-Star.


“I think if DJ was doing what he’s doing on the defensive end on the offensive end, he’d be in,” Rivers said. “And every coach tells you that they want their players to sacrifice and be All-Star role players, then you have a guy that actually does it and they don’t reward him. It just makes no sense to me. I’m trying to get the coaches to back their talk up basically and vote for DJ.”

Rivers went on to say that even though he’s lobbying hard for Paul and Jordan, he’s not sure his words are going to make much impact.

“I think for the most part the coaches have made up their minds,” Rivers said.

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