Jamie McCourt gets back to her Parisian roots -- buys Napa vineyard

Former Dodgers co-owner Jamie McCourt is reported to have purchased a vineyard estate in Napa for $11.25 million.
(Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

Ever picture Jamie McCourt in an Alpine hat and some nifty lederhosen? Hey, let’s be open-minded.

She’s still out there, and apparently recovered from losing her first round at getting her divorce settlement with ex-hubby Frank thrown out – the one that leaves her with only $131 million to play with -- to find a new venture.

Back when Italian Swiss Colony was a major California wine player, it ran commercials that featured an older gentlemen whose tag line was, “That little ol’ winemaker, me.”

That’s the new Jamie McCourt!


She just purchased a vineyard estate in Napa for $11.25 million. Fear not, it comes with a lap pool.

Her new 22-acre hillside estate is adjacent to the Auberge du Soleil, which sounds suspiciously like some place Frank would live, though its deluxe garden suites are available for only $4,000 a night.

The main house is 3,500 square feet and comes with two bedrooms, a gym, an office and 2½ baths. There’s also a two-bedroom guest house and that 75-foot lap pool.

Jamie told the Wall Street Journal that she spent her early 20s in Paris and is an investor in culinary ventures like Bouchon restaurant of Beverly Hills: “Enjoying people and wine every day … really became ingrained in me as a way of life.”

Not to mention Beverly Hills mansions, multiple properties in Malibu, private hairdressers and, of course, a personal driver.

Wonder if she consulted with Vladimir Shpunt on this estate purchase? Come on, positive energy just has to translate into good wine.

Jamie told the WSJ she plans to split her time between Los Angeles and Napa but will continue to produce the property’s wine.

“I think this particular property will be a great investment because it has great land for the grapes,” said the little ol’ winemaker.