NBA’s Nets plan alternate jersey based on Brooklyn Dodgers uniform


OK, all you fashionistas, listen up. The Dodgers’ influence on style knows no bounds. Or eras or sports.

The Dodgers are about to unintentionally enter the NBA’s sudden fascination with the retro look via the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets plan to wear an alternate jersey based on the look of the old Brooklyn Dodgers’ road uniform. And the thing of it is, it actually looks pretty good:


Are you ready for Brooklyn Blue Nights? Check out our alternate home jersey & get yours here:— Brooklyn Nets (@BrooklynNets) January 24, 2014

The top, with its V-neck design with sleeves, will be in gray with light blue lettering. The Nets dropped blue from their design when they moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn this season, but plan to wear the retro uniforms five times this season on “Brooklyn Blue Nights,” complete with its own tickets mini-plan, naturally.

You’ll be stunned to know the Nets are making the new-old look available for purchase. The jersey starts at $69.95 and goes up to $119.95 (with your name on the back).

The Dodgers last played in Brooklyn in 1957. Just never in the colored jersey the Nets will wear, since the Dodgers wore their home whites at Ebbets Field.