Justin Turner's vision for the Dodgers' postseason: Vin Scully leading a World Series victory parade

Justin Turner knows what you’re going through right now, Dodger fans. He’s going through it, too.

In a thoughtful and fun new essay on the Players’ Tribune, the Dodgers third baseman says he knows “how hungry our fans are for a World Series.”

“I live here. I get it. I understand how much this city wants another world championship,” Turner  wrote. “And when it does happen, believe me, it’s gonna be crazy. I can’t wait for that parade, and to be able to just look out and see all the fans out there celebrating with us.”

But Turner has an idea that he says actually would make that celebration even better — an idea he needed to share with Vin Scully during one of the legendary broadcaster’s final days with the Dodgers.

“How amazing would it be to see Vin Scully leading that parade?” Turner wrote in his essay.

“Just imagine it.

“I mean, I’ve already played that image in my head hundreds of times now. And it’s just … incredible.

“’When we win this whole thing,’ I told Vin that afternoon a few weeks ago, ‘you’re gonna be the grand marshal of the greatest parade this town has ever seen, and it’s gonna be frickin’ crazy.’

“Vin chuckled for a second, and then he looked at me and said with a smile, ‘That would be pretty special.’ ”

Um, yeah. That would be pretty darn special.

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