Vin Scully writes a letter to Dodgers fans

Vin Scully writes a letter to Dodgers fans
A fan holds a letter from Vin Scully that was given out before the Dodgers game on Friday night. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Fans arriving to the Dodgers-Rockies game on Friday night at Dodger Stadium will receive a letter from Vin Scully that opens, “Dear Friends.”

The legendary Dodgers broadcaster explains how thankful he has been for his 67 years working for the franchise and how he looks forward to spending retirement with his family.

The next three games are part of “Vin Scully Weekend,” when the Hall of Famer calls his last three games at Dodger Stadium.

Dear Friends:

Many years ago, a little red-headed boy was walking home from school, passing a Chinese laundry and stopped to see the score of a World Series game posted in the window. The Yankees beat the Giants, 18-4, on October 2, 1936. The boy's reaction was pity for the Giants and he became a rabid Giants' fan from that day forward, until the joyous moment when he was hired to broadcast Brooklyn Dodgers games in 1950. Ironically, October 2, 2016 will mark my final broadcast of a Giants-Dodgers game. It will also be exactly 80 years to the day since that little boy fell in love with baseball.

God has been very generous to that little boy, allowing him to fulfill a dream of becoming a broadcaster and to live it for 67 years. Since 1958, you and I have grown up together through the good times and the bad. The transistor radio is what bound us together. Were you at the Coliseum when we sang "Happy Birthday" to an umpire?  Were you among the crowd that groaned at one of my puns? Did you kindly laugh at one of my little jokes? Did I put you to sleep with the transistor radio tucked under your pillow?

You were simply always there for me. I have always felt that I needed you more than you needed me and that holds true to this very day. I have been privileged to share in your passion and love for this great game.

My family means everything to me and I will now be able to share life's experiences with them. My wife, Sandi, our children, Kevin, Todd, Erin, Kelly, and Catherine, along with our entire family will join me in sharing God's blessings of that precious gift of time.

You folks have truly been "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this incredible journey of 67 years of broadcasting Dodger baseball.

Heartfelt Thanks,

Vin Scully

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(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)