Ryu Hyun-jin could pitch in Japan, agent says

South Korea baseball pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, left, speaks as his agent Scott Boras looks on during a baseball news conference Nov. 15 in Newport Beach.
(Christine Cotter / Associated Press)

NASHVILLE -- South Korean left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin could pitch in Japan next season if he doesn’t sign with the Dodgers, his agent said Tuesday.

“Japan is a very viable option for him,” said Scott Boras, who disputed the notion that his client doesn’t have any leverage in his negotiations with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers face a Sunday deadline to sign Ryu, a seven-time Korean league All-Star. They bid $25.7 million to win a league-wide auction for the exclusive rights to negotiate with Ryu. That fee would be returned to the Dodgers if he doesn’t sign with them.

Boras and the Dodgers appear to be far apart in how they think Ryu should be compensated.


General Manager Ned Colletti said on Monday he didn’t think the Dodgers would be able to sign Ryu unless there was change in the pace of the negotiations.

Boras wants Ryu to be paid comparably to a No. 3 major league starter, similar to how Daisuke Matsuzaka was when he signed with the Boston Red Sox before the 2007 season.

Matsuzaka received a six-year, $52-million contract from the Red Sox.

“The Red Sox paid Matsuzaka like a major league No. 3,” Boras said.


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