Zack Greinke’s contract with Dodgers could be worth $158 million


Zack Greinke’s six-year deal with the Dodgers could be worth as much as $158 million, according to a person familiar with the details of the contract. But it’s unlikely Greinke will collect the full amount, as it would require him to win six Cy Young Awards and be traded.

Greinke’s contract is guaranteed for $147 million. He will be paid a signing bonus of $12 million in several installments from this month to February 2014.

His annual salary breakdown is as follows:

2013: $17 million

2014: $24 million

2015: $23 million

2016: $24 million

2017: $23 million

2018: $24 million

Greinke’s base salary in 2018 will increase to $26 million if he pitches 1,000 innings in his first five years of the contract.


If Greinke wins a Cy Young Award, his base salary will increase by $1 million the following season. If he doesn’t win the award but finishes in the top five in voting, his base salary will increase by $500,000 the next season.

If Greinke wins the Cy Young Award in 2018, he will receive a $1 million bonus. If he doesn’t win the award but finishes in the top five in voting that season, he will be paid a $500,000 bonus.

Of course, Greinke could opt out of the contract long before then. As previously reported, Greinke can void the remainder of the deal and become a free agent after the 2015 season.

While the contract doesn’t include a no-trade provision, Greinke can void the contract at the end of a season if he is traded.

Greinke will also receive a $3 million bonus if he is traded.


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