Letters to the Editor: Superstitions aside, will Dodger fans finally get World Series reward?

Illustration of Justin Turner reaching for the World Series Commissioner's Trophy.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

With the Dodgers down 3 games to 1 to the Braves, I tied a lodestone around my neck, poured black salt over the TV and placed chicken feet strategically around my room. Old wives’ superstition? Worked for me!

Richard Dennison




The Dodgers won the NLCS for these three reasons. Corey’s bat, Mookie’s glove and the “never say die attitude” of the whole team!

Wayne Kamiya

El Segundo


I am neither a Dodgers or Braves fan but no matter I was glued to the TV watching Game 7. I hope young fans will now realize what I’ve known for the last six decades — baseball is the greatest sport on Earth. Granted, we may remember a certain touchdown or a last minute three-pointer but baseball memories will stick in your mind forever. From Larsen’s perfecto to Mazeroski’s World Series winning homer to Fisk’s walk-off to Reggie’s three dingers to the limping Gibson’s fist pumping homer off Eck to Bellinger’s strut to first base to Mookie’s circus catches and to the memories in our future. Baseball was, is and always will be our National Pastime.

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


Congratulations to your photographer Robert Gauthier for that magnificent picture of Mookie Betts scaling the wall to save a Game 7 home run. With the smart, full-frame presentation that includes the Master Card logo, it looks like a creative collision between the Dodgers and Abstract Art: Ellsworth Kelly, meet Mookie Betts.

Paul Desruisseaux

Rancho Mission Viejo


The Dodgers may be in need of an overhaul if they can’t take this. They enjoyed a season full of weak opponents and when they come up against an unfamiliar opponent from the east they look stunned most of the time.

I used to think they were just too overpaid and coddled, not tough enough for the trenches, but now I think it might just be that some of these guys are misplaced. Maybe Kershaw would have better luck with his hometown Rangers, and as much as I admire him for the kind of man he is, I would understand.

William Bergmann