Letters: It was a bad call, but Rams are still feeling super about it

Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman hits Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis late in the fourth quarter, thwarting a potential game-winning drive in the NFC championship at the Superdome.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

As a longtime Rams fan who disowned them when they moved to St. Louis but welcomed them back with open arms with the move back to Los Angeles:

If you had told me four years ago that the Rams would move back to Los Angeles and be in the Super Bowl within three years, I would have said, “Sure, just like LeBron will be playing for the Lakers.”

Steve Shaevel

Woodland Hills


Thanks to the worst blown call since Don Denkinger in the 1985 World Series, another L.A.-based team gets a crack at another Boston-based team. We will see if the GOAT is better than a Ram.

Craig London



Not that any Rams fans are complaining, but it’s patently insane to watch a referee stare at a replay monitor for what seems like an eternity, and then turn around and have the NFC conference championship decided by perhaps the worst blown non-call in sports history.

Marty Foster

San Francisco


So, the NFL wants to “apologize” for a game-deciding call, even though a winning field goal can never be presumed in a playoff game like that one? Maybe they should also apologize to the Rams for the two blown facemask calls, and to the Steelers for the two bogus pass-interference calls against them at the Noise Dome several weeks ago.

Because that team seems to love to pose for photos in the end zone, maybe they have taken one of all of them crying at the end of the game.

R.W. Novotny

Long Beach


Jose Canseco *

Barry Bonds *

Mark McGwire *

Alex Rodriguez *

Rams 26, Saints 23 *

Rob Parra

Rowland Heights

ONE TIME USE - Barry Bonds cartoon for Saturday Sports D2
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)


So the Saints owner is pledging to aggressively pursue changes in the NFL to promote “fairness and integrity”? Any team that allows its head coach to taunt opposing players from the sidelines, encourages its fans to bring whistles to a domed stadium and is known for paying its players bounties to injure opponents should probably not throw stones.

Rich Hardt

Long Beach


A suggestion for the NFL as it has continued to say nothing about the missed pass-interference call against the Rams. A good way to stop the conspiracy comments and/or competency issues is to just hire better officials.

Edward A. Sussman

Fountain Valley


Bill Plaschke’s prediction of a Rams victory was apparently more powerful than the Saints’ voodoo.

Bad non-call or not, we’re going to the Super Bowl. After all, it’s been three long years since the Rams returned to their senses and La La Land. And we long-suffering fans deserve it!

Marty Zweben

Palos Verdes Estates


With the news that Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman has been fined $26,739 by the NFL for the helmet-to-helmet hit on the Saints’ Tommylee Lewis that was not flagged along with a blatantly obvious pass interference in last Sunday’s travesty of an NFC championship game, I have one question.

How much does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell get fined for his spineless and continuing silence on the whole thing?

Paul Netter



Did anyone else find it strange how in the NFL’s loudest stadium, the visiting team’s quarterback’s helmet radio failed to work? Call it a coincidence, but it almost makes up for that pass interference non-call.

Marc Barbani

Porter Ranch


Dodgers vs. Red Sox, Rams vs. Patriots, Lakers vs. Celtics....oh wait.

Rick Henderson



So looks like we’re playing Boston again, but this time we stand a chance. Dave Roberts is in another sport.

Mark Bedol



The NFL must adopt the overtime rules and procedures used by the NCAA. It is just downright unsportsmanlike for the Chiefs to be denied even one possession to answer the New England touchdown. It’s a terrible rule that demands change so we don’t have to again suffer PDS: Patriots Derangement Syndrome.

Kevin S. Avery



Would Tom Brady still be the GOAT if there was no tuck rule and if Pete Carroll would not have tried to be so cute and just run Marshawn Lynch and if the Falcons would not have choked a 25-point lead and if Dee Ford would not have been offsides? Or would we have been making comparisons to Jim Kelly?

Richard Katz

Los Angeles

Cold stove?

Has anyone asked Bryce Harper if he wants to come to Los Angeles or would even consider it? As wonderful as we Californians think it is here, there are those East Coasters who would just as soon stay put even if it does mean giving up a couple of million dollars a year.

John Snyder

Newbury Park


Here goes Plaschke again, trying to stir things up again. This was the smart move from the Dodgers. Yes, Harper has massive upside, but as we saw last season, he also has the ability to look very pedestrian. Signing Harper at the cost it would require would likely prevent further necessary player moves and cause an imbalance in the clubhouse. And if signing Harper was such a no-brainer for the many teams with the resources to do so, why hasn't he signed yet?

It's the Dodgers’ money, but why buy a Ferrari when you can get three BMWs for the same price?

Jim Miller

San Gabriel


It’s not even February and Jorge Castillo’s Dodgers report has proved vexing for fans long frustrated with their unwillingness to go all out to win. We’ve already got Dave Roberts giving us the annual death knell line of “we have a lot of depth.” Getting A.J. Pollock eliminates Bryce Harper, not that he was ever in the Dodgers’ plans. And if Dave is expecting a down-spiraling, 36-year-old Russell Martin to have an “upside to the bat” with “quality contact” (whatever that means!) to pair with Austin Barnes, that just indicates we won’t pay the price for J.T. Realmuto.

The Dodgers may be “as active as any club” in the offseason but as John Wooden correctly surmised, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.”

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


It is exciting that the Dodgers went on the market to sign a catcher. What is confusing is that they chose Russell Martin when the highly competent Steve Yeager or Mike Scioscia are both available.

John M. Clark



I get it that Billy Eppler is doing the best he can with limited resources thanks to that ridiculous Pujols contract, but would it be possible to acquire just one player who had a solid 2018 and therefore is not hoping for a “bounce-back year?” That term seems to be in every story of every player they pick up!

Ron Reeve


For a song

My dad walked into the USC athletic director’s office 50 years ago to request that song girls be approved to be at home basketball games.

The athletic director at the time, John McKay, reluctantly agreed, but, famously said, “They’ll never be allowed at football games.”

How ironic that the current athletic director now dictates they aren’t allowed at basketball games either.

Bill Boyd



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