Los Angeles Dodgers first workout for pitchers and catchers
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Joe Torre era begins

Dodgers manager Joe Torre shares a laugh with Hall of Fame manager Tom Lasorda during first workout for pitchers and catchers at Dodgertown in Vero Beach. (JON SOOHOO, EPA)
“He’s a guy who’s in control,” says catcher Russell Martin. “He’s aware of everything that’s going on around him.” (Nati Harnik, Associated Press)
Torre, here with Tommy Lasorda, said he is sensing that his players are starting to get comfortable with him. (JON SOOHOO, EPA)
The new manager enjoys instant credibility with the players because of his style and substance. (JON SOOHOO, EPA)
Joe Torre won four world championships with the New York Yankees. (JON SOOHOO, EPA)
Torre has done little instructing so far, leaving his coaches to coach while floating from practice field to practice field, as is the custom with most managers at this time of year. (Nati Harnik, Associated Press)
Torre will take the team to China for a pair of exhibition games in mid March. (JON SOOHOO, EPA)