Chris Kaman sees Blake Griffin staying put for some time

You would have to be clueless not to pick up on the conversation(s) about Blake Griffin's future even though it is wildly premature speculation.

Even by NBA standards.

Chris Kaman managed to address it, getting there in a roundabout way. He probably didn't even mean to travel down that road about Griffin's shelf life as a Clipper.

"I told Blake, 'You might as well buy a house, buddy. You're going to be here six more years,' " Kaman said Sunday before the Clippers-Toronto Raptors game. "Any time you're a restricted free agent, the team has a second option, you don't lose a player like Blake Griffin. You just don't."

Inevitably, Griffin is often asked by a reporter on the road, say, for example, would he like to eventually play for Houston?

(That did not happen in Toronto, for the record.)

"He really doesn't have much of a choice whether he wants to be here or not," Kaman said. "You can't have someone write a story in the paper saying they [the Clippers] lost Blake Griffin … that's so far down the road, who knows what will happen?"


Future dunk contestants Griffin and the Raptors' DeMar DeRozan exchanged a few words after the game, both trying to get some inside information.

"He [Griffin] said that we've got to make it fun," DeRozan said. "Make it entertaining for the fans. He tried to ask me what I've got. And I tried to ask him. We aren't telling anybody."

There, however, was one hint from DeRozan.

"A matter of fact, I talked to Dwight [Howard] the other morning, and he gave me some of his dunks," DeRozan said. "You didn't hear that from me."

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