Mark Sanchez says he’s not threatened by Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez is not worried about Tim Tebow usurping his starting position with the New York Jets.

Or so he says.

“I don’t feel threatened to lose my job at all,” Sanchez told reporters. “It’s no different, whether it’s Tim or Mark [Brunell] or Kellen [Clemens]. It doesn’t change. I’m really not worried at all.”

Sanchez’s total confidence, however, may be a bit misguided.

After all, he has been struggling on the field as of late. 

With him as the starting quarterback,  the Jets were routed, 34-0, on Sunday. He has completed just 49.2% of his passes and has a 69.6 quarterback rating in four games.

We all know what happened last year when the Denver Broncos skidded to a 1-4 start. Tebow was named the team’s starting quarterback in the sixth game, a move that skyrocketed Tebow to fame and helped turn the Broncos’ season around.

The Jets may also decide that they want to shake things up.

All of the conjecture, however, doesn’t seem to give Sanchez any pause.

“I’ve been in situations like this before,” Sanchez said. “I’m confident I can handle it, and there’s only one way in my mind to go about it -- and that’s really to attack it.”


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