Jose Canseco explains gravity via Twitter

Jose Canseco has some interesting theories on the development of the earth.
(Branimir Kvartuc / Associated Press)

Former baseball slugger and noted critical thinker Jose Canseco (yes, that Jose Canseco) took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain gravity to us, the huddled masses.

Canseco said he was giving gravity a lot of serious though in light of the recent meteorite that exploded over Russia, and came up with the following theory, which he unveiled on Twitter.

“Ancient gravity was much weaker.

“You ever wonder why nothing REALLY big exists today in nature?

“Elephants today eight tons. Supersaurs two hundred tons. A totally different world. Why?

“Animal tissue of muscles and ligaments could not support huge dinosaurs even standing up or pump blood up 60 foot necks.


“Gravity had to be weaker to make dinosaurs nimble.

“My theory is the core of the planet shifted when single continents formed to keep us in a balanced spin.

“The land was farther away from the core and had much less gravity so bigness could develop and dominate.

“I may not be 100% right but think about it. How else could 30 foot leather birds fly?”

And there you have it. Gravity explained. Take that, Sir Isaac Newton.


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