Jose Canseco publicly shames a fan for seemingly innocent finger gesture

 Jose Canseco at an event in Las Vegas in 2017.
Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco at an event in Las Vegas in 2017.
(Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images)

Jose Canseco has spoken.

It’s OK to use your finger to summon a child who needs discipline.

And it’s perfectly fine to gesture in such a manner toward “a chick at the bar.”

But if you’re trying to get the attention of former Major League Baseball sluggers who have authored books about their steroid use, have accidentally shot off their own finger, reportedly had their twin brothers stand in for them at public events and were once a contestant on the now-U.S. president’s reality show, such behavior is unacceptable.


Got it?

Canseco, 55, was recently hanging out at Topgolf in Las Vegas when a fan apparently motioned with his finger to indicate he’d like to chat with the one-time Bash Brother.

For whatever reason, Canseco interpreted the action as disrespectful and proceeded to scold the poor guy in front of everyone.

And as if that wasn’t enough public shaming, Canseco later posted a video of the interaction on Instagram.

“If you see me in public, DO NOT call me over with a finger like I’m your small child in trouble or a chick at the bar!” Canseco wrote.

“If you see me in public and want a photo, an autograph, or just too meet me, you come over to me. I’m more than willing to and enjoy meeting you guys. ⁣

“You show me respect & I will show you respect. It’s really that simple.”

Clearly the fan meant no disrespect. And he deserves a lot of credit for standing there and smiling while receiving a lecture on respect from a guy who called out President Trump for “looking more like a Twinkie everyday” and pop star Justin Bieber for his “scrawniness.”