Watch Magic, Kareem, Bird, Russell: It’s not complicated [Video]

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Basketball Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird and Bill Russell collaborated on a pair of AT&T; “It’s Not Complicated” commercials.

AT&T;’s series of spots typically features actor Beck Bennett interviewing children on the benefits of concepts like “more,” “speed” and “saving money.”

Released Friday, Bennett asks the roundtable of legends, “In basketball, is it better to be bigger or smaller?”


Bennett attempts to high-five each of the significantly taller retired players. The tagline for the ad is the familiar “It’s not complicated -- bigger is better.”

In a second spot, Bennett asks if it’s better to be faster or slower when playing basketball.

While all four agree faster is better, Johnson takes a moment to rib Bird’s relative lack of foot speed.

AT&T; has a playlist of their clever clips available on YouTube.


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