Five things learned from Lakers’ 101-88 loss to Miami

Five things learned from Lakers’ 101-88 loss to Miami

Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson and Heat rookie forward Justise Winslow chase a loose ball during a game Nov. 10 at AmericanAirlines Arena.

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The Lakers stopped defending (no surprise) and Coach Byron Scott said there were trust issues (mild surprise). Here are five things learned from a 101-88 loss Tuesday to the Miami Heat (no surprise).

1. Please. Stop. With. The. Isolations. The Lakers were bad and boring, deciding to stop moving the ball when each player thought he could single-handedly win the game. They were all wrong. And they got a “We need to trust each other” rebuke from Scott.

2. Julius Randle held his own against Dirk Nowitzki a few games ago, but Chris Bosh definitely got the best of him. Randle was outscored, 30-7, outrebounded, 11-7, and out-free-throwed (?!), 10-3. Randle still has a nice future ahead of him. It just didn’t include Tuesday night.

3. There will be games where D’Angelo Russell won’t get off the bench in the fourth quarter. This was one of them. He had four points on two-for-six shooting. He’s 19 years old. It’s going to happen.


4. Kobe Bryant is old. He even joked about it, saying the last three years have been nothing short of intense daily therapy sessions to keep his body from breaking apart. His body won on Tuesday, his back preventing him from playing.

5. The Lakers might not win for a while. A quick look at their next several opponents doesn’t yield much confidence: Orlando is young and improving, Dallas already beat the Lakers last week at Staples Center, Detroit’s Andre Drummond can’t be stopped down low, Phoenix will be the very next night on the road, and Toronto has started well this season. Good luck!

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