Gambling website Bovada projects Lakers’ win total at 32 1/2 games

Kobe Bryant
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is surrounded by reporters and photographers during media day in El Segundo.
(Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images)

The Lakers will be better this season after their 2013-14 debacle (27-55), but how much better?

Gambling website Bovada gives the Lakers an over/under of 32 1/2 wins.

Kobe Bryant missed all but six games last season, sidelined with knee and Achilles injuries.

Bovada must be counting on Bryant’s missing games with further injury issues, or on the team simply struggling for wins in the competitive Western Conference.


Bovada has the Lakers 12th in the West, behind the Oklahoma City Thunder (57 1/2 wins), San Antonio Spurs (57), Clippers (54 1/2), Golden State Warriors (50), Houston Rockets (49 1/2), Dallas Mavericks (49 1/2), Memphis Grizzlies (49),  Phoenix Suns (44), Portland Trail Blazers (44), New Orleans Pelicans (43) and Denver Nuggets (41 1/2).

Only the Sacramento Kings (29 1/2 wins), Minnesota Timberwolves (26 1/2) and Utah Jazz (24 wins) project to finish behind the Lakers in the conference.

Bovada also has the Lakers ahead of four Eastern squads -- the Orlando Magic (27 1/2 wins), Boston Celtics (26 1/2), Milwaukee Bucks (24) and Philadelphia 76ers (15 1/2)  -- which would place the Lakers 23rd out of 30 teams.

The regular season starts on Oct. 28, when the Lakers host the Rockets at Staples Center.


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