Lakers: Week 3 predictions

The Lakers finally got a win on Sunday, over the Charlotte Hornets, but Week 3 could prove to be extremely difficult.

After defeating the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday (107-92), the Lakers finally got a win to improve to 1-5 on the season.

The coming schedule for Week 3 will not be easy, with a back-to-back set on the road in Memphis and New Orleans.

The Lakers also play a difficult pair at home against the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors.

A single win in four tries would be an accomplishment.  To date, the Lakers are one worse than the cumulative prediction of 2-4.


Tuesday at Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies (6-1) are one of the top teams in the NBA in the standings.

The power duo of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph is a lot to handle for most teams.

Memphis gets their wins with a slow pace, relying heavily on their defense.


If the Lakers can get their offense rolling, the Grizzlies aren’t a squad normally able to score well above 100.

An upset isn’t out of the question, but it would take a tremendous performance for the Lakers.

Prediction: Grizzlies

Wednesday at New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans (3-3) are expecting to be a playoff team this season.

Anthony Davis has been tremendous through six games, averaging 24.8 points, 13.0 rebounds, 4.2 blocks and 2.5 steals.

If he can maintain close to his current pace, Davis may finish the season as the best power forward in the game.

New Orleans doesn’t have a lot of depth.  Ryan Anderson is a major outside threat off the bench, hitting eight of 12 shots from three-point range on Monday in a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Outside of Anderson, the Pelicans rely primarily on starters Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon and defensive-minded center Omer Asik.

The Lakers will get a game or two from New Orleans this season, but after playing the night before in Memphis against the Grizzlies?

Prediction: Pelicans

Friday vs. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs (3-3) have yet to play their best basketball but the reigning champions showed their mettle on Monday in a close win over the Clippers (4-3).

For a young, struggling team like the Lakers -- a win over the Spurs would be a big step.

Look for the Lakers to challenge but the combination of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili will be took much to handle.

Prediction: Spurs


Sunday vs. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors (5-1) have proven to be a difficult matchup for the Lakers already this year (both season and preseason).

Guard Klay Thompson is working through a hand injury and David Lee is out with hamstring issues, but the Warriors are still extremely formidable.

If Thompson plays alongside backcourt mate Stephen Curry the Warriors just have too much at guard for the Lakers to handle.

Without Thompson, Golden State is still a threat.  The Lakers shouldn’t be favored in any game through Week 3, but one win in four tries is not out of bounds, although the Warriors may be the toughest of the bunch.

Prediction: Warriors

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