Mariel Zagunis
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Sabre competition

Mariel Zagunis celebrates after defeating Tan Xue of China to win the gold medal in women’s individual sabre at the 2004 Olympics in Greece. Zagunis will go for a third straight sabre fencing gold medal in London; her 2004 Olympic win ended a 100-year U.S. drought. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)
Italy’s Diego Occhiuzzi, left, competes with Hungary’s Aron Szilagy during the gold medal match in the men’s individual sabre event at the ExCel Centre. (Dmitry Lovetsky / Associated Press)
In this multiple exposure picture, Russia’s Nikolay Kovalev, right, fences against Romania’s Rares Dumitrescu during their men’s sabre bronze medal bout at the ExCel Centre.  (Alberto Pizzoli / AFP/Getty Images)
Italy’s Diego Occhiuzzi reacts after defeating Romania’s Rares Dumitrescu in a semifinal. (Dmitry Lovetsky / Associated Press)
Russia’s Nikolay Kovalev, right, reacts during the bronze medal match against Romania’s Rares Dumitrescu in the men’s fencing individual sabre. (Max Rossi / Associated Press)
Italy’s Diego Occhiuzzi, left, fences Hungary’s Aron Szilagyi during the gold medal sabre bout. Szilagyi won the gold medal.  (Alberto Pizzoli / AFP/Getty Images)
Aron Szilagyi, left, of Hungary fences Nikolay Kovalev of Russia during their semifinal match. (Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)