LA 2024 leaders say they’re still focused on 2024 Games despite report that Paris has edge

A French national flag and a flag to support Paris’ bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics flutter during the French Open on May 29.
(Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images)

LA 2024 bid leaders have said they remain intent on winning the 2024 Summer Games in the wake of a report that the International Olympic Committee is moving closer to an arrangement that would give them 2028 instead.

The Wall Street Journal quoted sources on Tuesday saying the IOC is “progressing toward an arrangement” that would name Paris as the 2024 host and make L.A. wait another four years.

The private LA 2024 bid committee issued a statement: “While the IOC is reviewing its bid process, we remain focused on the 2024 Games. We’re honored that Los Angeles is a 2024 candidate city at this important time for the Olympic and Paralympic movements, and we look forward to collaborating with the IOC in the months ahead.”


As The Times previously reported, the current bidding cycle has entered unfamiliar territory.

With strong candidates in both L.A. and Paris, the IOC has signaled its interest in naming two winners at a scheduled vote in Peru in September.

Before that can happen, membership would need to give its approval. The IOC has created a working group to prepare a report on the two-winner scenario that will be delivered at an executive board meeting in early June.

Full membership would then have a chance to vote yes or no in July.

Paris bid leaders have pushed back against the idea, but L.A. has indicated a willingness to negotiate.

The candidate that agrees to take 2028 could be in position to ask for a larger slice of IOC revenues or other concessions.

“I think any city would have to look at the terms, if the rules change, of what a 2028 award means,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said recently. “Our committee will look at that at any given time.”

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